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Our next stop is a breathtaking piece of municipal landscaping: the traffic island/dada picnic area in the middle of St Chad's Circus on the outskirts of the city centre. Opposite St Chad's cathedral, and accessible only via labyrinthine subway networks, lies a haven of tranquility amidst the aggressive city traffic. In the style of a Japanese garden (designed by Escher?), flora-lined walkways and bridges weave their lonely way around the grassy mounds and paved mini-piazzas, coaxing us gently to an oasis. Facing a momentous 180 degree mural celebrating the city's industrial heritage, we are confronted by a tribute to John F. Kennedy and his spirit of internationalism. A meticulous mosaic and water-feature celebrate a man who personified much of what the Elders of Euphoria are currently so keen to establish here, in the heart of England. This monument is a cooling balm in the summer heat; and in the cold winter, as it freezes over, it becomes a delicate ice-sculpture, and a focus for office workers who dream of utopia. (Keen observers might note that the photograph also features a tasteful "Daily Mail Lilypad").

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