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Many English cities make great cultural capital from their medieval heritage. Euphoria, with its own commendable self-deprecation is modest about its own, and far more effective, defence system: the virtual city wall that is the finely engineered ring road system. Rumoured to have been build on the site of an ancient burial ground, Five Ways Island is the traditional point of entry into the city centre. Crossing the threshold of the outer ring road, today's visitor is confronted with as intimidating a construction as ever stood on this revered spot: Auchinleck House. With its coffin-shaped structure, the building is a beacon of welcome and warning, standing as it does at the outer extreme of Broad Street, the most revered thoroughfare in the city. And how prescient that the facade which overlooks the Midlands' most significant party area should be adorned with a giant mural depicting vomit, streaking down a wall.

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