Joyfeed : The Esoteric Charm Of Disappearance

The Esoteric Charm Of Disappearance
In the early nineties, there was a lot of excitement about burgeoning digital technology and instantaneous global communication. This work, recently discovered in the joyfeed vaults, was produced in a collaboration between Jurgis Lugas and Peter Fletcher as preparation for their 1993 multi-venue Cultural Event The Esoteric Charm Of Disappearance. The manuscripts speak of these changes and expectations, and gaze hopefully into the middle distance. The images represent moments of mundane TV output, stolen from the Joyfeed, and placed before us for aesthetic appreciation.

esoteric bookmark horses

Consider The Next Village
planes street demand electro village dream

Crazy Life
army height men box tabfoot

Constant Moisture
maths constant clocks shower scrub

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