Joyfeed : Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is "Joyfeed"?
Contemporary western culture is dominated by a stream of messages from organisations which either are, or would like to be, large and multinational. This stream of messages, these TV shows, commercials, web sites, form a subscription and sponsor funded comfort blanket over industrialised society. The stream is called the Joyfeed. We have appropriated this term as our name because we recognise that our work is at the same time a product of, and a reaction against, the Joyfeed.
Who is Joyfeed?
Joyfeed exists as a space in which to explore ideas about mediocre urban existence and related contemporary themes. The material on the site is the work of the small group of people who share a particular view of modern life.
What is the connection between Joyfeed and Birmingham?
Birmingham is the second city. It can be found in the English Midlands, geographically, historically and emotionally. To speak its name is to speak of a Betaville, an anonymous space consisting not of people, but of things. Of subways, motorways, factories: of means to an end.
What is the relationship between any environment and the culture that it generates? Wherever we are in the world, Birmingham remains our first home, and our inspiration.
How is the site funded?
Initial funding was required to set it up in August 1998 and it has continued due to the initial momentum and a belief in the cause. This site has been supported by a grant from West Midlands Arts.
And the copyright statement?
Please note that the contents of this site, except where stated otherwise, remain ©Joyfeed and the individual artists.

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