Talk to me

I’ve grown tired of all of the kind words and fantastic offers sent to me by computers. If nothing else when I look at the site stats it makes me look much more popular than I really am. So I’ve turned off the comments, for now at least. Except for this post.

Because I do still want to hear from you, the actual person who is really reading this sentence.

Talk to me.


  1. A Computer says:

    We’re very sorry. We only wanted a friend.

  2. Gilbert Grape says:

    Also: Grapes. Grapes with zips. Why? Also: Those grape bags that have a thousand slits woven into the very fabric of the bag. So you pick it up, imagining you are holding a bag, and you are merely holding holes. What gives?

  3. JonathanM says:

    Yeah, hi, look I’ve got this genuine fake Rolex that I thought you might be interested in.

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