Go On Tim

A little while ago I wrote about a short performance piece by Search Party involving a hula hoop and some nicely done text. I liked it. When they invited submissions for a Wimbledon follow-up I expressed an interest. Despite the lovely typewritten letter they sent me with instructions, I was far too busy being a damn fool to do anything. Inspired by the damp weather yesterday, however, I did manage to produce an image which I think captures something of the season.

a henmaniac


  1. James says:

    Very nice. The perfect model (and displaying his hero’s fabled fiery Latin temperament too).

  2. catherine says:

    i think it’s funny that even this pseudo action man in pants looks slightly embarrassed to be a tim henman fan (that shifty side long look). Never has the word ´tiger´ been used so inappropriately.

  3. joyfeed says:

    Nothing pseudo about this fellow. He’s all action. He’s all man.

  4. Mary says:

    Are the blades of grass between the flagstones there to simulate the manicured lawns of the All England Tennis Club? In which case, bravo! Or do you just need to get out there with a kitchen knife and some Pathclear? In which case, I’m going to tell your mom you’ve let the garden go to seed already, and she’ll be really cross.

  5. James Andrew says:

    Mary’s comment does lead me to wonder whether there is a short piece of prose to be written about the inappropriate use of kitchen knives for practical chores? My dad regularly sought out the best silver to shear off the most stubborn tats of wallpaper after stripping a room.

    And my brother, who was (and is) of a robust constitution, used to ferret out the butter knife for the purposes of, shall we say, chopping up a large ‘I’ shape to assist its passage around an inadequately-sized ‘U’ shape.